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工字型曲木椅/米樂椅/餐椅/事務椅 - SC036 |

工字型曲木椅/米樂椅/餐椅/事務椅 (SC036)



型號: SC036
產品名稱: 工字型曲木椅/米樂椅/餐椅/事務椅
顏色: 本色、白色、黑色、紅色、綠色、藍色…等多種選擇。
木紋色: 鐵刀木、橡木、櫻木、櫸木…等 (隨選)
薄片種類: 一般:椴木薄片。 另有胡桃木薄片、橡木薄片、櫸木薄片…等可供選擇。
尺寸: 460*440*860mm
材質: 曲木 E1, 噴漆。 鐵管腳電鍍:直徑16mm. (可供應不同尺寸鐵管, ex直徑19mm… )
一般包裝: 4 PCS/CTN; 分裝結構(KD/RTA); L型包裝 一般5層紙出口外箱紙箱(黃盒),印線條圖。 毛重:18.5 KGS; 材積:2.3’(0.065 CBM) 20ft: 1880 PCS;40ft: 4000 PCS; 40HQ: 適用混不同產品時~
產地: 台灣
出貨港: 台中港
交期: 收到30%預付訂金後30-35天。
供貨能力: 每月80000。


  • Lightweight.
  • Unstackable; optional stackable.
  • Safe, rounded edges
  • Non-scuff leg caps
  • Available in a beautiful natural finish & various color
  • Available in different shape design
Bentwood chair is Sam Yi's most popular furniture. Also known as the dining room chair; it is simple and complement of any table setting. General used in home furniture, dining room furniture, restaurant furniture, cafe bar furniture, bistro furniture, dinette furniture and even hotel furniture. Optional stackable characteristic for easy storage; lightweight for easy handling; practical and trendy; the chair will invisibly meet all your needs for the perfect dining set.It is made by wetting wood, keeping the well moisture & shaping it and letting it harden into curved shapes and patterns. With its affordable price and simple design, it becomes one of the best-selling chairs ever made. Best top seller 20 thousand pieces per month export to European market.The basic flexible bentwood of seat part is with basswood veneer, the characteristic of light color, close textured, straight-grained, easily glued, and diffuse porous creates the ability to remain flat without distortion, excellent nailing and screwing properties, and has a fine ability to take paint finishes. (Optional with walnut, oak, or beech veneer instead) Various NC lacquer, e.g., nature, white, black, red, green, dark blue, … for your different choice; and even coating in wooden color, as wenge, oak, cherry, beech…et cetera. The curved seat and back promote healthy posture, and rounded edges prevent injuries.The durable metal tubular legs are universal with chrome finish that offers an attractive contemporary style suited for every room decor. Powder coated to various color is also available. The cross design structure is by good punching & pressing a hole with fixing shape for easily screwing connection. Keeping the way of offering valuable products to customers, Sam Yi's new structure with welded “T shape” screw nut is offering to customers to create good response of markets together. And it comes with leg caps protect floors.KD (knocked down) as RTA (ready to assemble) structure package is highly recommended applied. The main purpose is to save space in the container for keeping the unit price low with competitiveness. Basic packing is 4PCS/CTN; 1PC/CTN or 2PC/CTN is optional offer. Package is an L shape 5-layer general export brown carton with line drawing; optional with white carton or color label instead.
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